We provide perfect patient care as evidence by meeting core measures in all expected areas such as Sepsis, CVA and VTE.  Our standards for concurrently monitoring and high accountability are the basis for our good patient outcomes.  Providing best-practice and quality care for reducing hospital acquired infections, such as CDIFF, CLABSI & CAUTIs is a major priority for all care givers. Striving to improve fall rates, mortalities and readmissions is also a continual focus for performance improvement here at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.

Daily Quality Nursing Huddle: Twice a day the quality facilitator and nurse manager huddle at the nurse’s station with staff to review safety concerns, patient safety list and observations.


We utilize Team STEPPS – a teamwork system designed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality that focuses on improving patient safety through  communication and collaboration among caregivers.

Team STEPPS focuses on briefings, huddles, and debriefings and encourages nurses to speak up and be an active participant in improving patient quality and safety.

Patient Experience

  • We strive to give each patient and family a perfect patient experience.
  • Our nurses and aides are trained to use AIDET in each interaction and model our core values in their daily routines.
  • Each area practices the proven best practices of Hourly Rounding, Leadership Rounding, and Discharge Callbacks.
  • Teams made up of front line colleagues and hospital leaders meet bi-monthly to discuss scores, possible improvement opportunities as well as plan celebrations for staff accomplishments.

I Promise Leader Rounding

CNO Safety Rounds-CNO attends each department huddle biweekly to ask and round with staff of safety events in the department and staff’s concerns and ideas. This is placed on the department stoplight report for update on actions.

CNO Safety Rounds-Our Chief Nurse rounds through our departments looking for safety improvement opportunities and discussing patient safety with the frontline colleagues. This exchange facilitates conversations that lead to innovative safety measures.
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