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Nursing Communication Plan

Shared Governance

We are proud to have councils of shared governance at HSHS St. Elizabeth’s allowing us to lead with a 360 degree lens.

Our councils ensure that we are initiating evidence based practice initiatives that center our mission and vision.

Unit Practice Council Charter

Purpose: The Unit Practice Council empowers clinical staff to implement and maintain standards of practice and patient care consistent with evidence-based practice and requirements of regulatory agencies. The purpose of the council is to:
  • Review and revise policies ,procedures, and standards of care
  • Incorporate evidence-based practice findings into clinical practice
  • Consult interdepartmental issues that impact patient care
  • Participate in the adoption of new clinical products and equipment
  • Provide input for the revision and approval of nursing documentation standards
  • Support peer review and quality improvement
  • Provide a forum for exchange of ideas, news and find solutions to workplace challenges
  • Recognize achievements in nursing practice
  • Membership: bedside nursing
  • Membership Responsibility: Members will be responsible for attending meetings and reporting activities and disseminating minutes/information to their respective units.

Council for Nursing Excellence

The Council for Nursing Excellence (CNFE) is a peer based group of colleagues with the following responsibilities:
  • Provide leadership in the application of professional standards
  • Lead in performance improvement
  • Align with regulatory compliance
  • Contribute to colleague and patient satisfaction
  • Enhance organizational improvement
  • Re-invigorate nursing process efficiency and problem solving
  • Collaborate with interdepartmental relations
  • Nursing concerns determined by a UPC will be brought forth to the CNFE

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