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The legislation passed the Illinois House on May 28th. Therefore, there is no need to further contact the representatives.
Thank you for your willingness to participate.

Contact Illinois Legislators

Below is the contact information for Illinois House and Senate Members.  Click on their name or email address to compose a message.  When you click on their information, a window should automatically appear with their email and a pre-written suggested message from HSHS.  If this does not occur, please email Johanna Moll at  

** indicates they are identified as Catholics

Representative Sue Scherer (96th)** 
Phone: 217-524-0353 (Springfield) or 217-877-9636 (Decatur) 
HSHS hospital in her district:
HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital, Decatur
She also represents part of Springfield, but HSHS St. John’s Hospital, Springfield is not located in her district
*Rep. Scherer is pro-life, and at this time, we do believe she will vote against this legislation.

Representative Katie Stuart (112th) 
Phone: 217-782-8018 (Springfield) or 618-365-6650 (Collinsville)
HSHS hospital in her district:
HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, O’Fallon

Representative Jay Hoffman (113th)
Phone: 217-782-0104 (Springfield) or 618-416-7407 (Belleville)
HSHS hospital is not located in his district, but he represents part of O’Fallon
HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, O’Fallon

Illinois State Representatives who likely support the bills: 
Kambium Buckner, 26th District, D
Kelly M. Burke, 36th District, D**
John Connor, 85th District, D
Terra Costa Howard, 48th District, D
John C. D'Amico, 15th District, D**
William Davis, 30th District, D - 217-782-8197
Anthony DeLuca, 80th District, D
Mary Edly-Allen, 51st District, D
Marcus C. Evans, Jr., 33rd District, D
Mary E. Flowers, 31st District, D**
La Shawn K. Ford, 8th District, D**
LaToya Greenwood, 14th District, D
Michael Halpin, 72nd District, D
Sonya M. Harper, 6th District, D
Barbara Hernandez, 83th District, D
Elizabeth Hernandez, 24th District, D**
Frances Ann Hurley, 35th District, D**
Thaddeus Jones, 29th District, D
Yehiel M. Kalish, 16th District, D
Stephanie A. Kifowit, 84th District, D
Camille Y. Lilly, 78th District, D
Michael J. Madigan, 22nd District, D - 217-782-5350
Natalie A. Manley, 98th District, D
Robert Martwick, 19th District, D**
Joyce Mason, 61st District, D
Rita Mayfield, 60th District, D - 217-558-1012
Debbie Meyers-Martin, 38th District, D
Bob Morgan, 58th District, D
Martin J. Moylan, 55th District, D**
Michelle Mussman, 56th District, D
Aaron M. Ortiz, 1st District, D**
Diane Pappas, 45th District, D
Nathan D. Reitz, 116th District, D
Robert Rita, 28th District, D - 217-558-1000
Lamont J. Robinson, Jr., 5th District, D
Justin Slaughter, 27th District, D
Nicholas K. Smith, 34th District, D
Anne Stava-Murray, 81st District, D
Curtis J. Tarver, II, 25th District, D
André Thapedi, 32nd District, D
Arthur Turner, 9th District, D**
Karina Villa, 49th District, D
Celina Villanueva, 21st District, D
Mark L. Walker, 53rd District, D
Lawrence Walsh, Jr., 86th District, D
Maurice A. West, II, 67th District, D
Jawaharial Williams, 10th District, D - 217-782-8077
Kathleen Willis, 77th District, D
Lance Yednock, 76th District, D
Sam Yingling, 62nd District, D
Michael J. Zalewski, 23rd District, D**

Illinois State Senators:

Senator Andy Manar (48th) 
Phone: 217-782-0228 (Springfield), 217-429-8110 (Decatur), 618-585-4848 (Bunker Hill)
HSHS hospital is not located in his district, but he represents part of Springfield
HSHS St. John’s Hospital, Springfield

Senator Christopher Belt (57th)
Phone: 217-782-5399 (Springfield) or 618-875-1212 (East St. Louis) 
HSHS hospital in his district:
HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, O’Fallon

Senator Rachelle Crowe (56th)** 
Phone: 217-782-5247 (Springfield) or 618-251-9840 (Wood River)
HSHS hospital in her district:
HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, O’Fallon

Omar Aquino, 2nd District, D**
Scott M. Bennett, 52nd District, D
Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant, 49th District, D**
John J. Cullerton, 6th District, D
Thomas Cullerton, 23rd District, D**
Bill Cunningham, 18th District, D**
Laura Ellman, 21st District, D
Ann Gillespie, 27th District, D 
Suzy Glowiak, 24th District, D
Don Harmon, 39th District, D**
Napoleon Harris, III, 15th District, D
Michael E. Hastings, 19th District, D
Linda Holmes, 42nd District, D
Mattie Hunter, 3rd District, D
Emil Jones, III, 14th District, D**
David Koehler, 46th District, D
Steven M. Landek, 12th District, D**
Kimberly A. Lightford, 4th District, D
Terry Link, 30th District, D**
Pat McGuire, 43rd District, D**
Julie A. Morrison, 29th District, D**
John G. Mulroe, 10th District, D**
Antonio Muñoz, 1st District, D**
Laura M. Murphy, 28th District, D**
Robert Peters, 13th District, D
Martin A. Sandoval, 11th District, D**
Steve Stadelman, 34th District, D
Patricia Van Pelt, 5th District, D

Full bios of these legislators are available at
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